112/365 – Meditation Games #112 – Keeping The Balloon Afloat

I’ve always had a dilemma with science-type stuff, and I Think that just betrays the fact that I’m more of a wordy, humanities type person (as if the things that I do and say aren’t obvious to that, heh). I get the basics, but there are some things that I tend to forget when it comes to recalling some of the ways in which science tends to work with regards to experiments and how things operate. It’s the kind of stuff that when it appears in a game like today’s, I sort of have to think about it a little bit before getting what I need to do. 

111/365 – Meditation Games #111 – Egyptian Cloud Symbolism

Trying to make something out of the clouds is one of the oldest games that you can play, which is why it isn’t a surprise that there’s an entry in the Meditations Games project doing so. Oftentimes the practice of trying to figure out what a cloud looks like is actually an exercise in clearing your mind, as it allows you to try to focus on one thing – that of trying to interpret the shape of something without trying to think of anything else. I know I’ve spent many a relaxing few minutes laying on the ground, staring at the sky, and trying to figure out what coincidental shapes the clouds were formed into.