109/365 – Meditation Games #109 – Colorful Bicycle Void

Developer Credits: Curtis Cummings, Fjell-Kovd Lask

Launcher Quote: “today is bicycle day.

a wondrous time of celebration and experimentation. where will the day lead us?

i want to know”

A lot of people know about the celebrations that happen on 4/20, but fewer folks seem to remember that Bicycle Day comes before that, which is the celebration of one Albert Hofmann and their bicycle ride in which they discovered the effects of LSD. This is probably why some people might be confused at first with the launcher quote and the imagery that gets put forth in it, because it has almost nothing to do with bicycles or riding them, and is instead a set of psychadelic color images where you control the player through navigating through a seemingly endless void of hues and bright neons.

There’s a bit of aimlessness here, coupled with a need for self-reflection, which is probably why the images seem to depict a void or tunnel down which you keep moving the player. The colors and images never end, and neither does the flailing of your protagonist, as they go deeper and deeper into the void, absorbing and discarding the color from there as easily as someone tries on different sets of clothes. There’s also a sort of random non-sensical aura around the journey itself, though considering what i mentioned above, is probably wholly appropriate for the game.

In the end, you’re left to your own interpretations as to what insights you gleam from the mass of color and drifting, and while it may try to simulate the idea of being on LSD, it’s still a bit of a poor substitute. The point, I think, is more the freeing nature of the drug rather than a celebration of the drug itself – a kind of letting go and experimenting to see where the mind will wander, what it will come up with, what it might see to make sense of the swirling colors. In this sense, it, like many of the Meditation Games series, fits right in and serves as yet another way for a player to rely on their own experiences to glean their own conclusions.

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