109/365 – Meditation Games #109 – Colorful Bicycle Void

A lot of people know about the celebrations that happen on 4/20, but fewer folks seem to remember that Bicycle Day comes before that, which is the celebration of one Albert Hofmann and their bicycle ride in which they discovered the effects of LSD. This is probably why some people might be confused at first with the launcher quote and the imagery that gets put forth in it, because it has almost nothing to do with bicycles or riding them, and is instead a set of psychadelic color images where you control the player through navigating through a seemingly endless void of hues and bright neons.

108/365 – Meditation Games #108 – Nicaragua

After a few messages of hope and goodness with the Meditation Games project, it was good to return to something more sobering – even dark, as far as the realistic and sometimes terrible occurrences and situations that exist in the world today. Today’s entry is a simple set of interactive bits of information presented in a landscape of greys, blacks, and sinister reds, meant to be both historical in its information about the origin and past of the conflict in Nicaragua as well as the present, terrible situation that continues to be a life-threatening problem for its citizens.