105/365 – Meditation Games #105 – Piecing Together A Home

Developer: Andreia Gaita

Launcher Quote: “Dreaming of a home of your very own.

As saudades que eu ja tinha

da minha alegre casinha

tao modesta quanto eu.

Meu deus como e bom morar

assim num primeiro andar

a contar vindo do ceu.

–Poem by Milu”

Crafting your home is a lot like putting a puzzle together, which is why this entry in the meditation games project is such a good comparison to the activity. It’s a simple puzzle game where you fit the pieces together into what eventually looks like a house, and you’re then treated to a render of the complete picture, both from a drawing and a more detailed, artistic level. I was reminded of a previous entry where this was the case, but the message here, unlike in the previous entry employing puzzle pieces, was more about the puzzle being put together rather than the  fact that you had friends that were helping you unite a common picture and goal.

The game mechanics may be simple, but the message is a lot deeper than the puzzle game may lead you to believe. Constructing a home for yourself, whether it is as you grow up and become accustomed to being raised under one, or have to forge one for yourself, it’s a process of trying to put it together, trying to find what fits, seeing what fits together and what doesn’t, and eventually making something that resembles what a home is supposed to look like.

The thing is, it’s not always a straightforward or even a smooth process – you can end up with a home that isn’t complete, or worse, is broken and doesn’t fit together. But I’d like to think that for those determined to make it happen, piecing together the puzzle that is a home or something you can call home is something that is possible, that can happen, and that everyone should aspire to. It may not always be a process that happens easily, or even in a way that seems obvious or straightforward – but the important thing is that it can happen for anyone.

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