104/365 – Meditation Games #104 – Timing and Climbing

This entry in the Meditation Games series really gave me a bit of a nostalgia bump, and that’s because of the presentation of the game as well as the animations and art. Back in the old days, when portable gaming was, even before the Game Boy, a twinkle in someone’s eye, the only way you could get your game on would be through pre-programmed, LCD screened handhelds that had a single game that you had to master. A simple set of single elements with no overlaps meant that what you could do with both gameplay and animation was very simple, but was also very challenging. 

103/365 – Meditation Games #103 – Adrift in Space

It’s interesting to see a more complex version of the Meditation Games entry from a couple days ago where you had to monitor the simple activity of a baby breathing. Here, the idea of oxygen is taken to another level, as this entry tries to re-create the Apollo 13 crisis and the need to be able to solve it in order to ensure that the astronauts could do the very basic thing they needed to in order to live and just breathe.