99/365 – Meditation Games #99 – Your Day

Developer Credits: Wellington Fattori, Luke McIntosh

Launcher Quote“Everyday can be your day, is it today?

What does that means?

Try not to over think this, just know that your day, and whatever that means, will come and go, and yes, there’s more than one day to be yours.

Weird right? I don’t make the rules, nobody does, I have a suspicion that in the end there’s no rules at all, but that sounds like a rule, so remember, don’t overthink.”

The title screen of today’s entry seems like a bit of irony because the imagery seemed to remind me of the life of the ronin, a masterless samurai in Japan without any lord. It’s easy to get sucked into the romantic angle that modern cinema and popular stories tell us, that ronin are travelers that from day to day bring justice for the weak and fight for them, but in the context of today’s quote, the reality is much different.

Ronin were those that had to live from day to day, succeeding and failing as the day waxed and waned. Some days they would be able to find food, shelter, basics, others it was not such an easy life, traveling on roads, going into societies and towns where they may not be always welcome, and potentially having to resort to banditry or mercenary work to survive. It was a kind of difficult life, but one that could have differing outcomes depending on the day.

That being said, I don’t think this was really the comparative message being sent by the launcher quote and today’s game. It was more of a long term way of looking at life, that just because one day is not the way that you’d intended or wanted in order to “own” it, that another day couldn’t be completely different. I wouldn’t agree there are absolutely no rules to that, as the developer states – after all, there are a set of societal and cultural norms to be able to have a day be owned by you and to succeed in life – but I would agree that it isn’t the right attitude to get caught up in how badly one day (or even multiple days) go – that the next day is a new day with potential new outcomes depending on what you’re working towards. It’s an optimistic attitude with a bit of reality injected into it, and one which I can at least think about subscribing to.

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