100/365 – Meditation Games #100 – Patient Cultivation

Developer: Rosa Carbo-Mascareli

Launcher Quote: “April 10th was a day of trauma. The repercussions are still something I’m dealing with today.

This is the game I wish I had in the moments I felt its echoes. I’ve created it as a reminder to listen to myself. That it’s important to periodically tend to that metaphorical plant that grows inside of me. I hope it helps you too.

Let the flower grow alongside you as you go about your day. It takes about six hours to fully grow. Every once in a while it will get scared and want to be cared for by you. Give it a tap to remind it you’re there.

A sincere thank you to Tim Phillips and Caspian Whistler for tending to me when I couldn’t tend to myself.”

Today’s entry seems to slightly break one of the rules that govern the project, which is that each game takes 5 minutes or less to play. This one requires a bit of extra time (6+ hours with minmal interaction, the result of which is the image above) but it’s for good reason. In the spirit of meditation and reflection, the cultivation of the flower over the course of a quarter of a day is meant to elicit cultivating your own spirit and needs over the long term, tending to and taking care of yourself as needed. It’s an overall message that has been a common theme amongst many of the entries this year, but this one is particularly unique due to the fact that it espouses a longer-timeline with the idea of patience and care over an extended time period.

The cultivation of one’s self and being able to take care of you before you care for others is one that keeps coming back to being able to be mentally fit and healthy to deal with the trials and tribulations of life. Oftentimes when we’re going through a ton of hardship, or pushing ourselves to the limit working with and for others, we can forget to take care of ourselves and even neglect our own growth. It’s something I know I’ve struggled with at times to do, especially when working in a field where you’re usually in service to others in some form or fashion. It’s real easy to not allow yourself the time to grow and be cared for – either for yourself or by others who care for you in your stead.

But self-care and cultivation isn’t a short-term thing, and extends much longer than the day or so you use in order to finish today’s meditation games entry. The idea of doing so goes much longer and needs to be sustained, which is the other part of the message being sent as you help grow the flower in the game. You’re not supposed to ever feel like it takes only one focus on cultivating oneself in order to be good to go. It may take multiple sessions, multiple ways of doing so, characterized by little steps and slow processes towards a common habit of self-care. Even then, it’s not exactly a habit that easily sticks or doesn’t become challenging to do once in a while. The game, and the developer, seem to accept that reality of self-care, which is why it’s so important that this take place over a longer period of time than likely most of the other meditation games entries. If the message is meant to show you the practice of cultivating oneself is a long term project, then I’m happy to have spent the hours needed to see the result of the flower blooming on my screen – a reminder that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your mental health and well-being.

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