97/365 – Meditation Games #97 – Love Connection

Developer: Francois van Niekerk

Launcher Quote: “Sometimes it feels like the world is pushing you around and you’re just along for the ride. Forward…backwards…moving on…returning to the same place again…Even when it feels like you lack all control, love can still find you. If that happens, will you be ready for it?”

Love’s one of those things that has a variety of outcomes as far as how it can both begin and end. It can be a fated encounter or an inevitability, or it can be completely coincidental. Either way, the connection that happens with love is something that some people have tried to puzzle out but who most people still don’t really have a formula for, regardless of what all the romcoms have told us.

Today’s game, which has you connecting same color blocks together to create mini love connections, is a good way to show this kind of randomness. There are multiple ways to solve the puzzle and multiple paths to take, and some outcomes in the process where you see some blocks disconnect and reconnect in different methods and paths as well. Such as it is with love and romance. Different relationships have different paths to connect with one another, and they also have different nuance to them that makes each one special, even if there are some general similarities.

The other theme appeared to be one of control or lack thereof, for love in general. It plays a little bit into the randomness but also to the whole incidental nature of it. There are ways in which some people try to find love or companionship in non-organic ways, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But that spontaneity, that seeming fated connection, that random set of circumstances that lead you to being with someone – these are the things that tend to typify many relationships, and the point of what was posted was that regardless of what path you take, that’s never really a bad thing if it happens by chance, just as it wouldn’t be if it happened by actively looking for and achieving it.

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