95/365 – Meditation Games #95 – The Endless Drive

Developer: Daniele Giardini

Launcher Quote:¬†“My mother was a teacher.

She had a talent for getting her driving license revoked, so for months at a time I had to drive her.”

For me, driving is a bit therapeutic. The longer the drive, the more it relaxes me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been fortunate enough to stay away from areas where driving can be stressful as all hell, but I’ve had good luck going down different roads and taking trips where I’ve had time to reflect, take stock of things, and generally be able to calm my mind. But I do know that’s not always the case, and that sometimes a drive can be anything but calming, even if it’s something that is as routine as driving¬† a parent to and from work.

None of the paths are particularly difficult when you’re driving down them in the game from today’s entry, but maybe that’s part of the point – taking what should be a normal drive and making it mundane and ever more difficult to deal with. The roads become more twisty and tougher to drive on, with the last one going uphill a couple of times to kind of emphasize the routine becoming more of a chore than it is a relaxing way of traveling around.

This, however, is dulled by the fact that the developer is helping a family member get around, and I get the feeling that they understand that too, given how every path is different but the ending is pretty much the same as far as driving them around. Thinking about it that way, the drive is less of a chore while also being less of a self-reflective moment as you don’t spend it alone, but more of a shared experience, a settling into a comfortable routine in which you have someone you care about that you can talk to about your day (and they can tell you about theirs), all while helping them get around to where they need to be. The drive is both not endless and terrible in that sense, no matter how many times it gets done – but maybe that was part of the point of presenting so many different tracks to get to the same place in the end.

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