93/365 – Meditation Games #93 – The World Is Large

Developer: Sam Potasznik

Launcher Quote: “April 3 is the day after my wife and I got married. Sometimes it feels like a million years ago, and it’s nice to remember those moon-eyed, blissed-out, just-married days, too.”

Games that set out to teach a lesson in terms of life perspective in the context of romance and relationships are a bit rare. Part of the reason for this is, I think, the fact that there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach to portraying relationships. They’re so varied and different that it’s a bit tough to come upon something that could be seen as universal truth or which happens in every single relationship, all the times. Sure, there are tropes, but that’s exactly what they are – happenings that are often a little overdone.

Today’s game takes a bit of a different approach. Instead of trying to portray a relationship at a micro level, it does so on more of a macro level, starting at an expansive setting and eventually zooming in on a single couple’s memories and first days being married. There’s a bit of a message being sent as far as words go (a rarity in the Meditation Games series as most convey their messages through depictions and images with little words), and in essence what’s being said is that even though the world is large and the number of folks that exist in it is almost equally so, that there’s hope to find someone to share that world with and create a world of your own.

The images presented, while you can see them on some level, are a bit pixellated and vague, and I think that’s on purpose. You’re meant to see them as not something definitive and in conceptual terms rather than in specific images, mostly because the idea of what it’s like to find love is different for every person. There are some items that appear to be universal, but even in this macro level presentation where you’re moving the heart to the key piece of the image to zoom in and continue the message, they’re seen as general concepts, and that’s fine. Sometimes, the way that relationships work, you only take what’s generally thought of an understood, and make the rest your own with your heart.

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