88/365 – Meditation Games #88 – The Determined Pawn

Developer Credits: LiyiZhang, ExLibras, ArcaneCyber, MentalDreams, Shapes

Launcher Quote: “In this piece I want to evoke the feeling I had after the last day at my first professional career job. I had never left something that had such an impact and importance to my life totally of my own accord before. It was a great job, but my time there felt regimented, I became confined with a specific role, and the potential for me to grow seemed to stagnate. Just as a pawn takes each turn one space at a time, I too passed each day carrying the same sensibilities as such a game piece.

When I found myself waking to my first day of unemployment, my immediate sensation was a kind of relief, and a calm realisation. I had a rare sense of clarity where it dawned on me just how open the possibilities are in life, now finally dismissed from the constraints of a regular working hours occupation. I felt liberated – rationally I’ve always known this to be true, but it was the emotional aspect that finally touched me: “I can do anything now”.”

Determination is a big part of trying to ensure that you accomplish what you want to in life. While it isn’t the whole of every recipe to do so, and is by no means a guarantee of success, sheer will isn’t something that is to be underestimated, especially as it relates to being able to get to where you need to one step at a time. Such as it is that this Meditation Games entry is about that very feeling and that very trait, especially in the face of hardship and difficulty.

For those in the know about chess, no piece seems to typify the necessity of that feeling of determination much like the pawn. Only able to move forward, and only one square at a time unless it deviates from the path to capture another piece diagonally, the pawn’s ponderous and gradual movement is a big part of the game as you move it forward until the end of a cliff where a leap of faith is essentially taken. It’s by no means the strongest piece – in fact pawns are frequently sacrificed and are in a great deal of danger when moving on the board – but they do have the potential to become powerful by reaching the other end of the board and becoming a mighty queen.

The path to getting there, however, is fraught with peril, much like it is in life in general. That’s why determination is ultimately important in the context of what was shown today – you’re never going to get through much of life without encountering some difficulty, so besides the other requirements needed to succeed, determination and grit are a big part of being able to get the motivation to push through them. It’s an inspiring idea, especially when you consider that it comes from a place that understands how hard it is and how much of a pawn you can feel at times.


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