89/365 – Meditation Games #89 – Choices And Paths Taken

Choose your own adventure is, I think, an underappreciated genre in games. You see it in some of the moral choice games that we’ve seen pop up in the last 5-10 years, certainly – but I sort of feel like choice is a difficult metric to measure as far as appreciation. Part of this may be the fact that you’re boxed in when it comes to making choices. Even in the biggest, most open world games that state that you have choice as a whole, you’re still in a linear box that does, at some point, limit you to the game’s borders.

88/365 – Meditation Games #88 – The Determined Pawn

Determination is a big part of trying to ensure that you accomplish what you want to in life. While it isn’t the whole of every recipe to do so, and is by no means a guarantee of success, sheer will isn’t something that is to be underestimated, especially as it relates to being able to get to where you need to one step at a time. Such as it is that this Meditation Games entry is about that very feeling and that very trait, especially in the face of hardship and difficulty.