85/365 – Meditation Games #85 – Colorful Changes

Developer: Colorfiction

Launcher Quote: “March 26

A week after the start of Spring or Autumn,
depending on where you stand.

It’s a time of transfiguration,
the dawn of things to come.

And you can actually start seeing it, feeling it!
A week after the equinox of course.

The weather is pleasant,
new colors paint vivid landscapes,
the air is full of songs from life awakening,
or preparing hibernation

To me, it’s the most beautiful time of the year,
regardless of where you stand!”

Color is associated most commonly with being vibrant and full of life, of being surrounded by a wonder and an appreciation for ones own environment. It’s one of the things that most of us take for granted as far as being able to see it and see those differences. In nature is probably where you see that the most, because there are so many different shades, hues, and colorings to see among the vastness of land untouched by modern man. In nature itself, there are days in which this is so very apparent as well, which is why today’s Meditation Game from Colorfiction is both bright and significant in its presentation.

While the rainbow coloring of the surroundings that you are traveling through seems a little over the top at first, I think it’s meant to emphasize that we’re supposed to be looking at what’s around us, at what possibilities exist around us when it comes to a natural environment. As we’re surrounded by so much artificial today, which includes the colors that are used, seeing natural color as it exists around us as depicted by a lazy journey down a river in a rowboat is very appropriate for giving us a reminder of what things should look like, or how they normally are as they naturally occur.

That being said, this is another reminder of the meditation portion of Meditation Games. They’re meant to make you think, draw your own conclusions, and reflect on what’s being presented to you or how you should feel when presented with a scene that elicits that kind of advice to calm yourself, take a breath, and take time to look around you. That you’re able to do so, in 360 degrees, for today’s game is something that contributes to that. We often don’t appreciate the color in our surroundings, and it isn’t the worst thing in the world to take some time to look around once in a while.

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