84/365 – Meditation Games #84 – Awesome Cats

Developer: izzy neuhaus

Launcher Quote: “march 25th is my friend Ryan’s birthday. we bonded over a shared interest in video games in high school and though I feel that we have less in common as we’ve gotten older, he continues to be one of my closest and most trusted friends.

I also consider Ryan’s cat Spooky to be a close and trusted friend, but unfortunately Spooky’s birthday (Halloween) was already taken when I signed up to make a game for this, so I settled for Ryan’s birthday. sorry , Spooky.

anyway, enjoy this game that I definitely made while thinking of my good friend Ryan (and not his awesome cat).

(p.s. if you want to see more of Spooky, please check out this irl scavenger hunt I created in Ryan’s house while he was on vacation and adapted into a existential horror Twine game: https://donkeyspaceman.itch.io/spookys-treasure-hunt)”

It’s funny sometimes how pets can sometimes acquire value that can exceed that of another human being. Most people who have pets accept them as family, so it’s already a given that they’re equal to any other family member in their eyes. But every so often, the value goes even higher, and curiously enough, happens more often with cats. It might be because of the fact that they seem to hold themselves in higher esteem and mostly expect to be treated well (or perhaps even better) compared to their human counterparts.

There’s a nice sense of satisfaction in the action you take in today’s game when it comes to making the cat happy. The contended meowing along with the following around the screen is not unlike some of the interactions I’ve had with cats over the years. While they can be self-assured and a little bit insistent on things being about them, there are a lot of times when they’re just content to be with and spend quality time with humans. And even during the times when they can be a bit of a pain, cats still create memories and impressions in our minds that stick with us long after they may be gone from our lives.

In part, that’s why the games I’ve seen from this series that are about pets are really nice for me as someone who has had pets. In many ways, games are love letters and memorials to people, individuals, and in this case, important pets and family that have been significant in the developers’ lives. It’s a way, aside from simple memory or other media, to preserve something that is essentially them and their identity for a long while to come, and that’s important when it comes to furry friends who are only with us for a part of our lives. Good pets deserve to be remembered.

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