82/365 – Meditation Games #82 – Karaoke Spirits

Developer Credits: Yvan Corsiglia, Amaury Charmetant, Le Chaouee

Launcher Quote: “Je ne me sentais pas bien ce jour la, alors je suis alle au karaoke d’Amaury.

I wasn’t feeling very well that day, so I went to Amaury’s Karaoke.”

While I’ve admittedly not karaoke’d as much as I would have liked over the years, the times that I have went ahead and done so are times that I’ve enjoyed, and for the most part that’s because of the fact that it’s a social activity that allows everyone to have the same level of embarrassment about singing ability (or in some cases, awe in those that actually have some). I’ve always been cool with karaoke nights because they’re just fun with a group of friends who don’t take themselves seriously.

But part of the reason that karaoke is also a fun activity for me and for many others is it’s an activity that dispels awful spirits – and by that I mean that physical or mental haze that keeps you from doing what you want to do and feeling like you can cut loose and have a good time. In the right company, the complete lack of judgmental attitude and the fact that some of the classic songs we used to sing secretly in the shower can now be proudly sung (sometimes with the help of alcohol) without care for how bad it is is a bit freeing in a sense.

You can tell this is sort of the case with the game, because you peel away what seems to be in the developer’s case the sickly spirits that were keeping them in bed and unable to really function, and as you move away the last one, the clip plays, the song is sung, and a good time was had by all. It’s not always so literal, and more often than not the spirits that get dismissed are ones that hang over us on a mental level (the same ones that infect us with stress, doubt, and sadness with the weight of the world). But it is significant. If it isn’t karaoke, it’s certainly another activity to do so, and the important thing is to find something that can help dispel, if only for a moment, the difficulties that can hang over you over the course of a day (or longer).


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