77/365 – Meditation Games #77 – JRPG Group Solo

If there’s one genre that I keep coming back to that I consistently enjoy, it’s the classic JRPG. Turn-based combat, story-focused plotlines, convoluted yet interesting¬† villains, impossibly attractive protagonists – I love every trope and gameplay element of JRPGs, and even though the genre itself has taken a slight tumble over the years, there’s still enough of them being produced to show that it still has legs.

76/365 – Meditation Games #76 – Real Life Inclusion

The developer of today’s meditation games entry poses a question about inclusion that I think resonates pretty strongly with a lot of us, especially those of us who grew up awkward and geeky and perhaps didn’t really have the internet or other mediums to find a place to fit in. Unlike the movies, where the awkward person can sometimes turn out to be the hero, there is definitely a sense where that doesn’t really happen as much in real life – and in fact, the opposite can happen, where someone can be shunned or even told that they don’t matter and that they’ll never fit in.