73/365 – Meditation Games #73 – Love Journey

Developer: Randomaio

Launcher Quote: “I met them because they were doing a “free hug” thing. I and a 2 other people hugged them. I did not let go. Nobody did. We walked while hugging for a long time. It was funny and awkward to walk in a big group of 4 people. It lasted for two hours I think. Eventually the two others left and we hugged for two more hours.

I liked them a lot.

At some point, they showed me a scar on their legs. I asked if I could help. They asked if I could kiss.”

The thing about love, relationships, or romance is that it’s one of those things that can strike out at any time and can occur almost anywhere. It can be an incidental thing that pops up even in the midst of something completely random. The setting that Randomaio describes is much like what happens in a convention setting, for example, where random acts of community interaction help to drive the sense of camaraderie and bonding that go into the convention experience. The fact that love can happen at these events isn’t out of the question – in fact in my personal experience I’ve seen people get married at the very conventions they’ve met at.

Randomaio calls today’s game “weird” and it certainly seems as such. It’s a bit difficult to tell the direction at first, as the game begins and for the most part plays in a sort of dissonant environment, with light colors and seemingly random sounds punctuating what’s happening on the screen. In fact it felt a bit like I wasn’t really in control of the experience at all, and mostly let it play out on the screen. This, I think, was a bit intentional, in part because something was being depicted rather than being acted upon and in part because love and affection are things that can carry you away without you even knowing about them.

In the end, two of the squares on the screen end up traveling together as everything else is removed from the background, the sounds becoming less random but the newly matched cubes moving for the most part as one entity. Whether this was completely random or meant to be a way to show that the bond that can form between two people can happen in the midst of such chaos (and can thus shut out from that bond that chaos as a means of focusing on each other) is unknown to me, but the point seems to me that this kind of journey is not just a common one but one that can create a sense of being only in one’s own world with the other person as the only other inhabitant. In this sense it’s a display of how love can operate and influence in such broad confines, and can create something new. Not all relationships end up lasting forever, but regardless of how they turn out doesn’t undo the sometimes random circumstances that can begin them.

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