72/365 – Meditation Games #72 – Cat Collab

Developer Credits: thais, dan, andre yin, magno, thommaz kaufmann

Launcher Quote: “Nao facil ser um gato. mais difcil ainda quando tem outros gatos por perto, afinal, sao todos horrivels. Mas as vezes, sas vezes, vale a pena fazer conseaes para conseguir aigo importante, como um pote de raao, ou um espao no sof”

At heart, I’ve always been a cat person, precisely for the same reasons that the developers appear to be talking about for cats being a bit mischevious and nefarious. Cats have always struck me as smart animals who know what they want, expect to get it, and attach themselves to humans that think they can get it for them.  To me, they’re adorable in that sense, but also a testimonial to the fact that they believe themselves the most important, even as it relates to other cats.

It’s that kind of cat vs. cat rivalry that gets put aside in today’s meditation games entry, as you work on a game that requires a bit of feline teamwork to get things done. This one was a bit of a longer experience from some of the more recent entries, but it’s well worth it as you get used to the controls for both cats, try to prevent them from clawing each other to pieces, and progress through the combination of switch-hitting and platform-jumping that accompanies teamwork games such as this.

I’m reminded that in the end, cats have been shown to us to be some of the most crafty pets out there, and so on some level, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that two of them might band together towards a common goal. They’re not unlike humans in this respect, even with the emphasis on them not really getting along some of the time. It’s a gamification reminder of why people love (and perhaps hate) cats in general.

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