71/365 – Meditation Games #71 – Fiction Gods

If I wasn’t doing what I do professionally, one of the paths I could see myself taking would be as a writer, and part of the reason for that is precisely what was stated in the launcher quote from today’s developers. Writers are on a certain level creators, gods in their their own universe, who use the written word, imagination, and their own minds to build worlds and make something from nothing. The idea behind the creative process as it relates to writing has always been an interesting one to me, because besides skill and practice, the barrier to entry for being a creator is actually pretty low. Lots of people try their hand at writing, and even though there are only a few writers who make it super big, it doesn’t stop people from using it as a creative out to express themselves.

70/365 – Meditation Games #70 – Flowery Conversation

Some of my best conversations have taken place online, from the comfort of my own home, with someone that I genuinely enjoy talking to. When this happens, it feels like the time flies, with exchanges going back and forth and shared jokes and stories mingling with deep conversations that created bonds that rivaled or exceeded my closest friendships that were exclusively offline.