67/365 – Meditation Games #65 – Coded Message

Developer: Devine Lu Linvega

Launcher Quote: “@………….”

I’ve always been intrigued by the games that involve some kind of typing or message that might be involved when you put them together or try to play them. It’s that kind of blend of puzzling and cryptography that intrigues a person like me who is well-acquainted with the written word and who enjoys a bit of a wordplay challenge (I’m not a New York Times crossword subscriber for nothing, you know).

I didn’t actually figure out the secret behind Devine’s game today – there was definitely an interesting mechanic at play in terms of making letters appear on the screen and sending them to the edge of the dotted area. But that didn’t mean that I wasn’t interested in it or that I didn’t want to try to figure out what was going on. More often than not, the pattern to figuring things out is only a couple of keypresses away, but the intriguing thing about the games in this series is that you’re not really given the guidance to get there, needing to actually experience the game itself to try to figure out how it works.

In this series, sometimes I’ve been successful with that and sometimes not. But it’s the act of trying that makes these games interesting. I’ve gone in typically blind with some of the games that have been more vague in their presentation, and sometimes, I’ve been completely off with the metaphors and messages they’ve been trying to send. But regardless of whether this was just an exercise in creating a game out of typing letters to cover up dots, or if there is a greater message being sent in the fact that there might be a coded message, I’ve enjoyed myself trying to see what might be behind the developer’s intent. It’s been a daily exercise to keep my mind sharp and working on something for at least 5 minutes out of the day, and just happens to feed my gamer itch.

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