65/365 – Meditation Games #65 – Tree Song

Developer Credits: Lucas Molina, Camila Peres

Launcher Quote: “There is nothing to do. Everything is always in its place.

“Mind, like empty space, has no concreteness.
To see whether or not this is so, my fortunate children,
Look directly at your mind in the manner of not watching anything.
Let go completely and then you will know.”

-The Flight of The Garuda, Shabkar Tsodruk Rangdrol

I find myself wishing that there was some musical accompaniment sometimes when it comes to observing nature. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been caught up in watching too many nature specials or educational specials on TV, but there’s a kind of relaxing and mellifluous set of tunes that seem to accompany even the most trivial of events that occur in nature. I was kind of reminded of this playing around with today’s entry from Lucas and Camila, who make something like the falling leaves on a tree be literally a musical tune in the making.

It’s interesting how subtle some of the notes that you can play on the leaves that fall from the tree are shown to the player. You can hear a note when a leaf falls, when you click a leaf to move it slightly, when you figure out you can cause the leaves to fall faster, and as they gently move down onto the ground. You’re given more notes to play as the leaves pile up, and even though you might think that you’d be creating a cacophony of music trying to click on them all, by contrast you find yourself gently touching the leaves in turn as they set out with each note in turn.

All this adds up to the fact that once you’ve made all the leaves fall, even though the tree is now bare, it gives birth to something else as it relates to leaves on a ground creating a set of little musical notes as you move the pile around slightly. It sort of plays to some of the message that nature gives that even as one thing ends, another can be given birth to in order to continue the cycle. Trees shedding leaves that change color and present another nature scene you can appreciate is just one such example – and as we know the leaves will inevitably bloom again on the tree in question – it’s also a reassurance that life (and nature) moves on.



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