64/365 – Meditation Games #64 – Mind Rot

Developer Credits: Bahiyya Khan, Angus Bezemer, Abi Meekel

Launcher Quote: “This game is about the rotting that set into my bones when my step father who’s my real father got murdered. He was the best guy. I love you dad, sorry about it all.”

Losing a loved one that is a part of the family almost certainly messes with you mentally. There’s a sense of sudden disruption in your routine, a mental destruction of your normal mindset and your ability to be able to do things that normally would be done without thinking about them, and overall a sense of loss and a gap where once there was a person you cared for that occupied a place in your heart. If you lose a loved one in a violent manner, like what happened to today’s developer, it must be ten times worse, which is why when the presentation is shown and talked about as a “rotting” it definitely feels accurate.

In contrast to the recent feel-good entries that have come past the launcher, this one is a return to the starkness of mortality and the effect it has on people and those around them. Not everything is good that happens in peoples’ lives, and this contribution is a bit of a reminder of that. There’s a kind of dissonance that settles in with all the imagery that is presented – a sort of dark chaos that seems to occupy the mind and invade thoughts and imagination. It was definitely the case with today’s game, and is indicative of what kind of corruption can happen trying to deal with the trauma of loss such as what was experienced by Bahiyya.

At times like this, the thing that is helpful to remember is the fact that it is still possible to come out of chaos such as this, and that at times, creative outlets are a way to express that ability and desire to do so. It’s part of why I’m following this series of games – moreso than any of the titles out there that have vast, expansive teams with a ton of people working on them, these smaller titles with one or two developers working on them are intimate and personal, and display an ability to express feeling, situations, and ultimately coping of things that have happened that weren’t the best in their lives. This entry is no different in that respect, and seeing the visualization of such a dark part of the developer’s life displays a kind of cathartic release that may have ultimately helped them deal with devastating loss.


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