59/365 – Meditation Games #59 – Apartment Game Time

Developer: Adam Le Doux

Launcher Quote: “My partner and I recently moved after almost 4 years in the same apartment, so I’ve been thinking of memories of living in that space. On a rainy day two years ago at about this time we were playing through Wind Waker together. This game is about the ritual of setting up the game, brewing tea, and sitting down to play.”

Game-playing rituals are a tradition as old as before video games, when activities with friends that involved sitting down to play games didn’t involve two controllers and a tv screen. It’s thus not a surprise that such an activity is the focus of today’s entry by Adam.

As someone who’s been playing games for a long time, it’s important to note that the ritual is a mundane one. While there are people who like to do complex things to get ready to game, a lot of the time it’s as simple as fixing something to eat or drink, plopping down in your favorite chair, and getting to work getting further along in your game of choice. Doubly so if it happens to be a cooperative game like the developer outlines, because the fact of getting together to play almost always involves something basic as far as  getting into the casual, relaxed mood of playing a game together, overcoming challenges and trials, and ultimately winning the (game) day.

It’s also appropriate that this takes place in a cozy little apartment in a building. While such spaces are smaller than a house or out in a place where you’d be gaming together, they’re also more intimate and simple. I know that some of the best game experiences I’ve had were those that took place in the comfort of my own home, with no one but my closest friends either online or in my tiny place in my pajamas. It brings with it a sense of contentment that you can spend leisure time in such a way that doesn’t require much complex effort than letting it all hang out and preparing something for yourself, adding to the whole “it’s the simple things that matter” theme that seems to come from these recent entries.

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