58/365 – Meditation Games #58 – Puzzle Contentment

Developer: Lily Belmira

Launcher Quote: “This is just a nice moment I shared with my friends in 2017 where we stayed up late finishing a jigsaw puzzle together.”

Simple activities that involve solving things are some of the most satisfying ways you can spend time, especially with others. There’s a reason that such group activities, such as putting together a simple puzzle, have evolved into larger and more expansive affairs like go-cart racing, all-day outings in the city, escape rooms, and other such romps. There’s a sense of built camaraderie, enjoyment, and satisfaction at accomplishing and doing things together and it’s likely why people seek other others for interaction in the first place to build towards such bonds.

Part of me wishes that solving puzzles extended to games more. You see flashes of this in multiplayer games that require two people in order to trigger items that unlock progression, or through actual puzzle games that have teamwork involved in order to advance to higher and higher levels. But it’s not particularly prominent in most multiplayer games, who emphasize more of the action elements of working together rather than the solving of problems or issues to move forward. It’s possible that developers feel like you’re covered when it comes to teamwork or group activity if you’re running and gunning, playing to advance characters in an online instance or raid, or otherwise performing acts rather than solving challenges to get to those acts.

Still, when a puzzling game comes along, even if it’s not in a video game, there’s a sustained level of popularity to go with it, and it’s partly due to the enjoyment of achieving something together, and more importantly being a part of something bigger than yourself. While there’s a certain sense of good feeling when it comes to solo-accomplishing something, the bigger things can often only be achieved by multiple people, all working together and doing their part in order to meet a common goal. That’s the kind of thing that I think is missing from today’s games, and would likely be as welcome an addition as filling in the last pieces of a long-worked-on jigsaw puzzle.


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