57/365 – Meditation Games #57 – Alternate World Wanderer

Developer: nonoise

Launcher Quote: “Sometimes, during some strange alignment within the 26, a path opens somewhere to the old stone world.
After a night in the hostel you have all arrived -to the international art fair!-

Your friends are here, with you.
But where are you?”

Every so often I like to think about the possibilities that could have been – the roads less traveled, the different places I might have ended up in were I to take a different path or made different choices. Such fancies are, of course, temporary, as we all live normally in one reality where we’ve made the choices that we have and are on a set path that we’ve traveled down, with no going back.

But that’s part of why I play games – they allow me, on some level, to envision an idea where there are other worlds, other journeys, other places to go that aren’t the “normal” world, and have that be part of the story. We’ve been imagining other worlds since the days of the Atari, and more popularly when a certain plumber went down a pipe into another kingdom entirely, so playing a game like this where you descend into another world was interesting and in the same vein. The launcher quote makes it sound a bit sci-fi-ish, and that’s likely on purpose as you have to find the secret to getting there and you end up in a bit of an ancient world, far different than the surface world you start out in.

Some might find the idea of these other worlds to be a bit fantastical and perhaps even a waste of time to think about, but I think they serve to stimulate the mind a bit and think about possibilities and differences. Because while we’re typically on a path that we can’t change the past of, we can always think about what we might be able to do for the future, and the worlds we might discover if we decide to go off the beaten path to other places and possibilities. A new world doesn’t have to be so literal in its discovery.

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