58/365 – Meditation Games #58 – Puzzle Contentment

Simple activities that involve solving things are some of the most satisfying ways you can spend time, especially with others. There’s a reason that such group activities, such as putting together a simple puzzle, have evolved into larger and more expansive affairs like go-cart racing, all-day outings in the city, escape rooms, and other such romps. There’s a sense of built camaraderie, enjoyment, and satisfaction at accomplishing and doing things together and it’s likely why people seek other others for interaction in the first place to build towards such bonds.

57/365 – Meditation Games #57 – Alternate World Wanderer

Every so often I like to think about the possibilities that could have been – the roads less traveled, the different places I might have ended up in were I to take a different path or made different choices. Such fancies are, of course, temporary, as we all live normally in one reality where we’ve made the choices that we have and are on a set path that we’ve traveled down, with no going back.