56/365 – Meditation Games #56 – Memories From Mundane Rain

Developer: Sam Wong

Launcher Quote: “perhaps one of my fondest memories.
it was sometime in february

we were walking home

maybe it started raining
you had your arm around mine

i don’t think we were together yet

but it was nice

i wished we could’ve walked

forever that night.”

Memories can be made from the most seemingly insignificant or mundane events in one’s life, and today’s entry focusing on one of those memories from Sam Wong’s life shows this in the form of a gloomy, rainy night walking home with someone special. You wouldn’t expect a dark night walking with an umbrella trying to avoid getting wet would be a memory worth making, but the significance comes through in the form of the developer both wishing that the moment could have continued forever and that it centered around the simple act of closeness of having one’s arm intertwined in theirs.

Recent entries in the series have focused a bit on the simplicity of moments in order to attach significance or a memorable feeling to them. The reason for this, I think, is to remind people that the little things matter – that the events in one’s life that are important need not be the big and visible events, and that small ones, like a walk home in bad weather together with a significant other, are the ones that you can go back to and look upon with fondness or a notion that that was when everything changed.

What I liked about this particular version of sending this message was that an event that is not really meant to be associated with being happy or joyful, that being of a rainy night, was made to be as such by the developer and by virtue of the fact that it was a milestone on the path to establishing a meaningful relationship. In this sense, some of the message being sent could be that it doesn’t matter where, when, or how it might come about – the moments that involve finding that you have something special with another can happen and be significant at any point in time, and with someone special enough, may not matter how big or small they might seem. Not every moment in a budding relationship need play out like a contrived romcom or other media, and sometimes it’s the small things, like the closeness needed on a rainy walk home, that really matter.

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