54/365 – Meditation Games #54 – French Press Pressure Relief

Developer: Oliver Carson

Launcher Quote: “In life, we’re encouraged to aspire to a luxurious existence, but did you ever stop to smell the flowers?
The simple pleasures of the everyday, when you think about it, they are a marvel.

Around this time last year, I bought myself a French Press. It sounds strange, but I was genuinely excited to use it.
The simple form and perfect function of the device, it’s beautiful in a way, and its usage was relaxing.

I carefully poured out, and sipped my coffee in to a pitch black mug and savoured every last drop.

Enjoy the small things.”

Recent entries in the Meditation Games series have asked us to be a bit more reflective, not of the significant or larger things, but of the small things that make up those larger things, and of course, of the little things that make up day to day life. Today’s contribution, surrounding the simple enjoyment of a French Press, seems to be along the same vein, albeit on a much more focused and smaller scale than the others. But it’s no less impactful in its thought and message.

There are no doubt many acts of enjoyment which seem small but which provide us, whether we realize it or not, with a boon, a kind of respite from the bigger problems we face at work, at home, and with others in our lives. Something as simple as enjoying a nice cup of coffee made from a French Press you used could be someone else’s weekend drive, another person’s building in a garage workshop, or yet another person’s time with a game that isn’t popular but is relaxing. When things aren’t going so well, it’s the small things that are what support us, keep us going, allow us to find some solace in what seems to be a soul-crushing weight upon us. These are the things that can prop us up, not perhaps as single items on their own, but collectively as a whole.

Today’s game made me think about such things that I do to help myself along with a very aggressive and work-heavy schedule, and ironically enough, taking the time to write about these games every day is the French Press enjoyment task that helps me focus and keep things going. It was a helpful reminder that the things that aren’t big can also be the things that help hold you up – though I’m sure the caffeine from a nice cup of coffee from a French Press certainly doesn’t hurt things, either.

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