52/365 – Meditation Games #52 -Meditation Ball

Developer: Chris Allen

Launcher Quote: “Since starting making games on this day over a decade ago, I’ve still found that my most meditative thinking comes from the simplest of games.

Lying on my back on the bed.

Throwing a ball at the ceiling.

Trying to get it as close as possible without touching.”

We all try to focus and  gain an understanding of what we are supposed to do, or alternatively, to just be more productive during the day. Relaxation and meditation (of course) are two such ways we go about doing this, but another way is just in the simple activities and habits which allow us to reflect on things and clear our minds. Today’s entry from Chris Allen reminds me of this with one of the simplest activities you could do to focus your mind in tossing a ball at the ceiling and making sure it wasn’t touching it. The metric measurement reminded me of the very first game in the Meditation Games series, where it wasn’t obvious what was being measured until you tried it a few times, but was easy to catch on to once you understood.

The key things with regards to finding that meditative activity that I think this game partially conveys is that such an activity need not be traditional or even well-known. Sure, there are a few tried and true methods to clear your head and get yourself focused, but it’s by no means a requirement. The only thing it has to do is relax you and allow you to free your mind up to think about things, which means it can be as simple as going on a run, sitting in a quiet room and closing your eyes, or in this case, tossing a ball close to the ceiling. Meditation on some level can be free-form, and has a way of not locking you in to one methodology or practice in order to achieve its goals.

As for my way of clearing my head? I use a variation of the same method as the game – only I toss my ball against the wall and catch it, trying to get it to bounce only once as I do so. The repeated activity, which requires very little concentration, allows me to focus on what I want to do or think I can accomplish in the near future. I might have worn out my wall a little bit, but the important thing is that it gets the job done, and that’s what’s ultimately being said here in part.

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