49/365 – Meditation Games #49 – Center Guiding Light

Developer Credits: Jord Farrell, Mark Sparling

Launcher Quote: “Hi, I have had a rough couple of months. Thus I decided I would make something that is based around what gets me through the hard times. I hope this helps whomever needs it.”

Jord and Mark created a bit more of a repeated exercise as far as game journeys and quests go, with their very inspiring entry that puts you literally at the center of action as you work to reveal sayings and words to motivate you. This is something that is part and parcel of any questing and adventure type game where you’re in a top-down view, but there’s a bit of nuance to the experience in the fact that you’re lighting the way as the player and displaying the words and thoughts in very different ways per screen.

This sort of central guiding light appears to be a theme throughout the game, as the message appears to be, symbolically, that you’re the light in a surrounding darkness of uncertainty and discovery that you have yet to encounter. The reveals of the words and feelings on the screen are akin to growing up or persevering through to a goal or to just feel like you’re discovering or lighting the way to, well, enlightenment and calm, and there are a few interesting meta moments as well, as you shape objects revealed by the light around you to in order to read and understand insights.

By the time you get to the end, you’re feeling a bit fulfilled and content about the experience, which is something that for some games you might not feel these days. Distilled to its most basic parts, however, as this game is, most positive game experiences are slated to be as such, so long as the message being sent is one of realism, idealism, and practicality, with none of those three areas overtaking any of the others.  In a project where words are not typically used in a traditional sense but are instead the vehicles for game mechanics and inspiration, it’s something we definitely need in today’s somewhat cynical gamer world.


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