45/365 – Meditation Games #45 – Popcorn Couple

Developer: Jenny Jiao Hsia, AP Thomson

Launcher Quote: “this game is dedicated to popcorn,

a delicious snack, which 

you can either enjoy alone

or with a companion.”

Today’s rather cute entry is appropriate for Valentine’s Day, as the game involves using a unique set of mouse movements to make sure that the couple both gets fed a generous amount of popcorn and soda. It seems like a simple if not bright way of presenting a common scenario on dates at the movie theatre or chilling with Netflix at home, but more than that, it’s an interesting message of teamwork and supportiveness towards meeting goals – as small as eating popcorn or perhaps as big as a massive project or life achievements.

The great part about this game is that it isn’t immediately obvious how to make sure both characters get fed. You have to get used to the flowy mouse movement and the ability to control both arms at once so that they don’t collide, mess up on delivery to the character, or feed one character too much over the other. It’s part of why “It Takes Two” is an appropriate name for this entry, because the game, without any words, coaxes you towards an idea that you need to work both characters’ hands to feed each other.

Of course, the couples aspect of this is perhaps the other side note about today’s entry, although you could apply the lessons it tries to teach in a non-romantic setting as well. Couples are supposed to be supportive and helpful to one another, and another way of interpreting feeding each other is in the metaphorical sense of being there for them, providing them with what they need when they want it, and overall just being there and being happy for them when they seek to do great things. Platonically, this is a message of teamwork, that people who want to do things together need to be there for each other and prop each other up to help each other out. Either way, it’s an enjoyable, light-hearted way of teaching the lesson, and one that I was happy to re-learn on Valentine’s Day.

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