41/365 – Meditation Games #41 – Identity Skins

Developer Credits: Marco Bouchard, Ben Swinden

Launcher Quote: “Take the next few minutes to consider life as a journey where identity is a series of negotiated skins, many only visible to you. Acknowledge their origins in inheritance, invention, biology, accident, and mutualism”

The journey to find one’s identity appears to be a recent theme in some of the latest Meditation Games entries, and this one is no exception. Set in a relaxing blue sky and bright colors, you manipulate a fox/serpent hybrid creature through and into various places on a planet, coming out as a different looking version of the creature once you enter one of the areas. It’s a very placid type of environment, and the movement of the creature you control is flowing and slow, creating a feeling of contentment as you move from place to place in the planetscape.

Obviously, changing identities and personalities through life is rarely ever so smooth, as a journey of self-discovery is often times filled with a sense of trial and tribulation. But the way in which you change identity skins here is meant to elicit a feeling, to me, that doing so is at least meant to be a positive thing, and that it reflects a sense of flexibility with which you’re supposed to do so. It’s inevitable that as you travel between groups, get to know different people and different cultures, that you change your identity or are influenced by it to adapt to it. Nobody truly stays static as a person for their entire lives – there are influencers and events and ideas that we are shown that shape us, and that triggers identity change on a level that is meant to be fluid.

One other note that occurred to me is the fact that the three places on the planet that you move between are each starkly different in their setting and look. Whether or not this is meant to represent different cultures is unknown, but if it is, it’s a very nice way to encourage a sense of diversity in the identity changes that you go through. It’s no secret that one of the biggest influencers is being in a different culture, a different way of thinking and perceiving the world, and that it can tend to change you so that you fit within it, and more importantly, carry it with you to the next destination you arrive at. It’s a message that even though you may change your identity “skin” throughout life that you will always have it with you – a thought that should loom larger in the context of not just being adaptable yourself but when considering and respecting others.


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