30/365 – Meditation Games #30 – The Sound of Struggle

Developer: Tammy DuPlantis

Launcher Quote: “3:35 AM

I’ve packed up all I can fit
To take my home elsewhere
This house gives me nightmares
But I need to rest up
For the trip of a lifetime

One month ago:
“You b****”
“You don’t love me”
In this moment, I realized
I should have left a long time ago

Behind me, fear and silent suffering
Ahead of me, a long struggle for stability
A quarter-century ago, I first breathed
For today, I breathe again

-Tammy Duplantis (@tambalaya)”

When the time comes in someone’s life where they’re having a difficult time of it, the way that it can feel can seem different for different people. In the case of Tammy’s entry for Meditation Games today, it feels like a cacophony of sound, a noise that can threaten to interfere with everything that you can do and how you process what’s going on. But that sound can sometimes not always be obvious or even start out as something that you might be aware of, which is part of why the ability to “flash back” on the game appears to have been given to us.

Seeds can be planted when it comes to difficulties and struggles that you’re going through. It’s rarely ever something that is full-blown and strikes at you with a huge amount of power. In some ways it can start as something very small, a tiny buzzing that prods at the heart but then eventually expands to encompass the entire body. Given the launcher quote that was given, the event that prompted this struggle was the end of what could have been placed a while ago, a thing that may have festered from a tiny sound into a full blown angry explosion. While the outcome appears to be that there was a moving on from such pain, that doesn’t remove the struggle that happened to get there.

A lesson that could be learned here could be not to ignore those tiny sounds of struggling that happen, those nagging feelings that start as small things and which threaten to become larger ones. It could also be that such struggles are inevitably things that do blow up in our faces, and that it’sup to us to try to struggle through them as best as we can, reducing the cacophony of struggle to  nothingness once more, allowing you to breathe again, as the quote puts forth. It’s a somber message to send when it comes to pain and anguish but perhaps a realistic one that we all need to hear.

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