14/365 – Meditation Games #14 – First Smile

Developer: Jordan Magnuson

Launcher Quote: “My son was born on a cold day at the end of November, 2017. Those first weeks were joyous, but hard. Then on January 14, 2018 he looked at me and gave me a big, directed smile for the first time. The world kind of changed for me in that moment.”

Sometimes even the admitted minimalist experience of the Meditation Games project can be taken to be as literal as clicking once to play the game and get the message across with only one small change of color. Such as it is that today’s entry from Jordan Magnuson operates in order to convey the idea that there are certain moments in life that will change your entire worldview.

Jordan’s response to his son isn’t out of this world. Parents around the world can tell you that the minute they are responsible for another small life that came from them that their entire worldview can change, and that their priorities shift accordingly – away from being more focused on the self and more on caring for the tiny life that is right in front of them and who relies on them for safety, sustenance, and well-being. But it isn’t really relegated to bringing another life into the world, and while not as optimistic may not be limited to wonderful, positive events, either. This is why I think the use of color that Jordan uses is appropriate here. A viewpoint can be grey and change to a bright, sunny yellow from something uplifting and life-changing, but could easily turn dark for a soul-crushing tragedy or be another color for anything in between that is considered a milestone in formulating one’s own view of things.

Regardless of the event, however, the point that I see is that while hindsight is 20/20 and you can look back at things that might have shaped you even though you didn’t know it at the time, that these events can also happen in a time and a place where you’re fully aware of how your world changes, and which can certainly color your viewpoint or dictate how you act moving forward. I think it’s important to remember that these events can happen multiple times in life, and that there are some, like a child’s first smile, that can be as significant and amazing so as to happen instantly.

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