10/365 – Meditation Games #10 – Dog Spirit

Developer: Cullen Dwyer

Launcher Quote: “When I was a kid, I would wake up in the middle of the night, sneak downstairs, and slip into my best friend’s bed with him. It was comforting, to sleep with someone. I did this for a long time, and as we grew older, he grew more sickly and tired. A few days after my birthday one year, before I awake to sneak downstairs, he crawled into bed with me, to be with his best friend. It was comforting, to sleep with someone.

By the morning he had slipped away.”

While we’re only 10 entries into the year as far as the Meditation Games project is concerned, it’s clear that some of the games are very personal projects to those participating. Such is the case with Cullen Dwyer’s contribution and accompanying launcher quote. While the game starts out as a sad occurrence, focusing in on a grave containing a beloved pet, life quickly returns in the form of a happy canine spirit who you direct to play one last game of catch with their owner, depicted by a hand that tosses the ball for you to fetch.

Alas, however, you start to notice that nothing lasts forever, and as you are more successful with the game of catch, the more and more you both begin to fade away, until you’re completely gone, as if you’d never existed. It was a game experience that was one of happiness bordered by the somber, and while I came away feeling a bit sad at having to watch the spirit of the dog fade away for the last time, that didn’t make playing any less satisfying. That’s probably part of what’s intended with the game as a whole – a way to show what it’s like to own a pet, have them be a part of your family, and while we ultimately are sad at their inevitable passing, to remember some of the better times that we shared with them – because those are memories that will always last.


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