9/365 – Meditation Games #9 – Family Flower Ties

Developer: Kirsten Naidoo

Launcher Quote: “A diagram showing the relationships between people in several generatons of a family.”

Some of the best games that I’ve played involve some kind of family or generational element to them, mostly because of the fact that I’m curious as to how subsequent generations inherit or are different or similar to those that came beforehand. One of my earliest experiences with this was old school Sega Genesis game Phantasy Star III, which put you through several generations of heroes in order to provide you with a sense of continuity and passage of time. Same thing with the Agarest series, which gives you some idea of how a storyline can play out over the course of hundreds of years.

Today’s game seems to highlight the idea of passing on traits to the next generation, and curiously enough, it makes a really good point just by making a simple presentation that shows that not every petal for an older flower passes onto the new flower – and that in fact that sometimes the number of petals that gets passed down decreases or increases, or is different in pattern and type. While the game was “solved” within a couple of minutes or so, you can’t help but wonder how they managed to put such an interesting insight about family into those couple of minutes.

The other message that seemed to be sent was the fact that over the course of generations, parallel flowers can exist, spiraling out into not just subsequent generations but in different places. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), the shape where the flower matching takes place is not unlike the shape and color of our own earth – a reminder that even though we may be culturally diverse and have many different viewpoints, that our past carries with us an ancestry of genetics, traits, and quirks that we may have picked up even without even knowing they were being passed down. In a turbulent, polarizing world such as the one we are living in today, it’s a gentle reminder that we might just have more in common with someone who might be far away from us and seemingly far apart in opinion and idea.

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