Bad Movie Review (Extra Life 2018) – Killer Klowns From Outer Space

The Bad Movie Review series of posts are a set of posts written as the result of meeting a $1,200 stretch goal for Extra Life, an annual 24-hour video gaming charity marathon event that benefits children’s hospitals.

There’s a mild accuracy here that makes the premise of the movie a bit more realistic as far as the horror value goes, and that’s the fact that quite a few people are freaked out by clowns. Whether it’s because of the constant permanent smile, or because of the makeup, or because of the fact that they’re somehow never sad, angry, or otherwise not trying to be humorous, clowns unnerve some people.

This basically makes Killer Klowns From Outer Space somewhat believable as far as people thinking clowns are one homicidal tendency away from going on a murder spree, but the movie itself decides to lean all the way in with the fact that the clowns in this movie are an alien race who somehow have decided that earth clowning is the way to conquer the planet. The rest of the formula is 80’s movies to a tee, from inexplicable heroics to a somewhat antagonist who gets their comeuppance (in this case it’s John Vernon, the 80’s permanent angry authority figure/foil) to damsels in distress with big hair to a weak point so obvious to the point of hilarity.

But perhaps the reason this movie has been rated lower than perhaps some of the other horror movies of its time has to be the constant absurdity of the fact that clowns are somehow mankinds’ downfall, and that nobody really catches on until really late in the action. Most of the film consists of the psychotic alien clowns being able to disarm victims into thinking they’re normal humans (never mind the misshapen faces that couldn’t belong on any human nor the fact that nearly all the weapons they fire are lethal to a tee). It seems to me that the writers decided to brainstorm all the ways in which clowns could kill people in the most absurd ways, and then decided to throw them all in the movie to increase the danger of their threat, which would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that I was laughing more than freaking out at clowns killing people with acid pies, clowns killing people with choking/clawing party favors, and clowns killing people with t-rex shadow puppets. Maybe we’re meant to laugh at the fact that the human characters are constantly foolish enough to fall for innocent clown faces that turn out to be murder machines, but it doesn’t make it any less terrible, either – though you have to hand it to the clowns – they’re smart for aliens who decided to watch too much Bozo the Clown to model their look after.

Aside from this, however, the movie happens to at least put together a coherent plot inbetween all of its clown-fueled homicide, and thin as the characters are, they’re no thinner than any other stereotypical schlock of the 80s. This makes for a fun little romp of a movie once you decide to accept the fact that the killer klowns from the title are here to stay, and here to slay, and that you look at them like any other movie antagonist that inevitably gets outwitted by the shallow yet determined cast of heroes. I could almost say out of all these terrible movies I enjoyed this one the most, so far.

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