354/366 – Ever Advancing Technology

Even though I’ve talked about the dark side or bad things that emerging tech or advancements online are giving to society, I’ve still nevertheless been someone who advocates that tech keeps going forward and improving upon itself. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but I think it boils down to the fact that advancement as a whole has typically not been bad for expanding what we can do.

Certain industries always benefit from the fact that there are better and more efficient ways of doing things. Advancing in medical technology, for example, means that you are doing amazing things like finding a way to cure disease more efficiently and quickly, where you are programming devices implanted into people with an iPad mini, and where the fight against some of the disease we haven’t figured out, like cancer, continues to make incremental strides. In an industry like computing, you get an ever-expanding, increasing scope of power and capability from both PCs and servers, where things that seemed not possible only a year or two ago are easy to accomplish in current times. Movies and TV are able to accomplish even more with higher resolution, with better ability to create special effects, and with more expansive tools to create epic moments.

It’s also a good idea to keep advancing in technology because of the fact that efficiency allows us to luxury of getting other things done that take more time or that require more of our focus and effort. Simple practicality dictates that if technology makes a job easier, then that is a time saver that frees up the time for other things that don’t have as much technology going for it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that tech is always the answer to making things better – after all, there is something to some things that are done manually and with a bit more attention to detail (such as baking or cooking), but there’s still some level of tech involved in these cases that makes that manual parts of the job easier and less intensive.

Honestly it’s more about the evidence of progress more than anything else. Technology and how it evolves and advances is proof that we are extending beyond the means that we normally have directly at our disposal or what is with us naturally. It’s a process that’s been happening since the beginning of time and technology merely accelerates that process by a huge factor. As long as we’re cognizant of some of the limits that we have and ensure that we pursue technological advancement with at least some sense of morals and ethics I don’t see it as anything other than a good thing, and important to our continued development as a whole.

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