347/366 – Multi-Perspective Games

I’ve always been someone who’s prioritized story over a lot of other things when it comes to whether or not I feel like I enjoy games, which is probably why I was attracted to the RPG genre for so long after initially being a “get the popular game” type of gamer. The way that an RPG laid out its plot, how you built your characters up to get to that next plot point, and how the overall themes manage to provide sent themselves are all worthwhile reasons to get into games with more of a focus on a narrative.

Something I’m seeing recently and which I feel has a lot of value is being able to tell your story in a game from a few different perspectives. You can choose to play through as a noble rebel or as a more insidious plotter, a chivalrous knight or a sneaky rogue. Each perspective brings into focus what motivations and drives are for them, and provides an insight into the character’s history.

More than that, though, what a multi-perspective story brings is high amount of replay value. Yes, it’s likely to be the same story with the same major events, but the key is that you get to play as different characters each time. It’s like a puzzle where you start out with a certain element of pre-built pieces and you fit them together. The story stays fresh and interesting and the player gets to try something new on a new class of character.

I don’t know if some of the multi perspective games may have a sustainable model (an increasing amount of them are beginning to charge less) due to the fact that pricing is a little prohibitive and plots are starting to weave themselves into multiple and core complex plots. I do know that even multiple perspective plots have a limited shelf life as far as rebuilding a character. But the appeal of seeing the same story through meaningful repeats is of a certain value, and it can’t be overstated.

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