346/366 – The Age Of The Digital Gift

One of the things that has made gift shopping so easy this holiday is, of course, the Internet. I’ve talked about this before, about how shopping doesn’t have to ever leave your computer chair or even your bed if you have your mobile phone or tablet handy, but I think because of the fact that gifts aren’t even necessarily physical entities anymore helps this to an even greater degree.

Digital downloads and code deliveries have become a really good way to not only quickly buy a gift but to send it to someone without the hassle of people and shipping companies having to get in the way of delivery. The way that gift cards, game downloads, and music can be sent over to others along with its ease of use means that there’s an even bigger no hassle way to ensure that your loved ones and friends get what they’re looking for. And like all things that develop online, it started out small, with just the gift cards and straight up cash and has now made its way into being a full blown service for delivering all kinds of media, a function of the infrastructure and ISP advancement of recent years.

It’s gotten to the point where for some people I’m able to give out gift cards and other digital assets without any issues with the amount of work it takes to get done, and in fact some people prefer gift cards and other digital items to be the order of the day during the holiday. Perhaps they’re having a bit of space constraint in their plac,e or want to have the freedom to buy their own gifts. It could be that they want to be able to have something digital that they can easily transfer from one place to another without the need for physical media. Either way, it’s made receiving gifts almost as easy as sending them.

I don’t really know where it’s going to go from here – 3D-printing a gift for someone and sending it to them? Making sure that a digital gift will arrive as a formatted code that can be applied to all stores and not just one or two that it’s attached to? Maybe the download being able to be re-gifted and sent over to someone else for use? The possibilities are pretty large and far-reaching, and due to the format, not really restricted to any one piece of media. It’s definitely exciting.

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