342/366 – The Online Reking Ball

In your travels and visits online, there’s always the chance, if you decide to participate in any kind of online discussion, that you might be “rekt”. It comes with the territory and is always a risk when it comes to being a part of an online community. That misspelling of the word “wrecked” might not seem like it’s all too bad at first, but trust me – it’s a feeling you likely don’t want to ever have if you ever have something to say or quote when having a discussion.

The thing with being “rekt” online is that it can come from the most unlikely of places and at the most unexpected of times. It can show up in as innocent as a reply to a comment that you make online, or it can pop up as suddenly as a tweeted reply that goes viral after you make an ill-fated decision to post about a subject of controversy. It can potentially be reported on if you decide to make a massive misstep in trying to take a shot at someone or it can show up subtly, on a time delay, hours later. The internet reking ball spares no one, and that’s probably why it’s so devastating when it does happen.

It’s not like it’s an unavoidable thing, either. Being rekt can happen at any time, which means preventative measures beyond simple non-participation are just effective only to a point. You can choose to try to choose your words carefully, but the moment you slip up, someone might be able to take a swipe at you, rendering your comment and the idea of the whole thread void by the fact that it’s now about how you got verbally owned online. That being said, having to open yourself up to that kind of avenue of attack is probably the only way you get to wield the reking ball as well. You can’t get anywhere good without a certain amount of risk, after all.

If it’s any consolation, most of the time when someone does get rekt out online, the consequence is usually short-lived, even if it tends to get popular. Because of the fact that the internet moves so damned fast, it’s possible that people will simply find some other rekt’d target to move onto after you suffer the consequences of the slights and jabs taken at you by being outmaneuvered by someone behind a computer screen. Sure, they might bring up the fact that you got thrashed “that one time” online, but for the most part, that embarrassment is decidedly short-lived. At least, that’s what you hope it will be. Infamy online has a bit of a shelf life, especially when getting rekt out happens to cause a huge splash you rarely recover from.

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