223/366 – Keeping Up With The Internets

trust_me_i_know_internetsRecently I had to catch my parents up with the recent advances that tech had come up with when I upgraded their by-now ancient regular phones with brand new smartphones, equipped with all of the stuff that the age of social media had to offer them. My parents have been mildly quick studies, but having to teach them carefully about some of the things that phones are now able to do and realizing the vast scale by which they’d advanced in just the last five years got me thinking about my own situation with tech.

One of the prices you pay working where I do is the fact that you’ve got to be touching new tech all the time or using or hearing of the newest online tools, lest you fall behind and aren’t up to date in order to accomplish what you do from day to day. It’s not necessarily using things for hte sake of having them, in so much as being aware of how things are advancing in the field. 3-D Printing, online communication tools, sharing content, presenting edited media and more – these are the things that you’re almost obligated to have to know in order to understand what’s possible in tech.

It doesn’t help that tech has always been an exponentially expanding thing for years. When someone comes out with something new and interesting and it catches fire even among the casual technology users, you can bet that there will be a lot of work surrounding it in order to refine and advance the tech. That’s how high-speed internet, smartphones, tablets, and apps gained a ton of steam. And with the ever-expanding base of developers and experimenters, and how they don’t necessarily need to be working at big honking corporation or even have the weight of investment riches behind them, there’s always the potential of someone randomly coming up with the next big thing that everyone starts using.

All of this makes it a challenge to keep up with things, and I find myself wondering if one day I’ll be like my parents, trying to figure out some of the newest and hottest ways that the internet and tech work and having a bit of difficulty doing so (though I feel like I’d eventually triumph). But I think if there’s anything that makes me feel better about the whole thing, it’s the fact that technology is a continuously evolving thing insofar as what’s capable. So while it’s hard to keep up with something that appears to be as amorphous as the word “cloud” appears to be these days, I think it’s helped by the fact that there’s a lot of people in the same boat as me, and therefore a lot of resource to lean on as far as ensuring things get kept up on. The ever-changing, ever-advancing nature of the internet means that everyone’s working to keep up, so at the very least, I’m not alone in my quest to stay on the bleeding edge.

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