98/366 – The Excitement of Teaser Deconstruction

Rogue One Title-970-80Today saw people get up to a bit of a morning treat, as the teaser for the upcoming Star Wars Anthology film Rogue One dropped into peoples’ Twitter and Facebook feeds and onto Youtube. Not only is this exciting just because of the fact that it’s probably more consecutive Star Wars stuff than we’ve gotten in years, but it also means that a great geek tradition can continue and that’s the deconstruction of trailer footage.

Deconstructions have been around for a while now, and they’re usually reserved for movies that have a ton of hype, history, or anticipation behind them. The general practice is to take the entire trailer or teaser, crack it open bit by bit, and post still images while speculating on what things might happen or who is playing what role in the scenes presented. It leads to a lot of minutiae being pointed out and quite a few┬áinteresting easter eggs that may or may not end up being important to the film.

I really like reading trailer or teaser deconstructions because (and I know this seems kind of lazy) everyone’s basically done the work for me. I’m more of a “watch and react” type of person when it comes to trailers and not that big on analyzing every little thing that comes on the screen. After all, the purpose of a teaser, or trailer is to entice and intrigue rather than reveal all the cards in the filmmakers’ hands before even seeing the movie. It isn’t really there to drop the entire plot or reveal something earthshattering (at least not explicitly) but to get people talking, posting, and generally re-watching it. Deconstructions are sort of just icing on the cake – it’s fun to read about them because people do tend to find out about details that are dropped or left in the film that aren’t big plot points but are nevertheless significant for speculating what’s going to happen. They’re also great for highlighting little nuances that reveal the level of detail and attention the cast are paying to how they look and act. The more hyped and anticipated the film, the greater and more detailed the deconstructions and breakdowns.

Such as it is with Star Wars, because even though Rogue One is meant as a side story and a bit of a way to whet our appetites before Episode VIII, that isn’t stopping people from breaking down the details and frames and showing just how much we’ve learned even if the video lasts only a minute or two. That we’re so intent on seeing what the next entry in the Star Wars cinematic saga contains, even if it’s a small event compared to the huge things that happen, is a testament to how hyped we are to see it. It’s a pretty long few months away, but thankfully, the deconstructions will keep us busy til we finally sit in the theater and watch those epic credits roll up on the screen.

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