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tumblr_m24ffvkHYh1rtqw0ko1_500You might have noticed that I’ve been posting a bit more about Community stuff lately. I’ve been asked and prodded about the time I spend on gaming’s industry side, and have always wanted people to get a little bit more insight into the Community Management process overall.

What you may not have known is that I have a partner in crime who I’ve always bounced my posts off of and generally keep my ego from ballooning to the size of a blimp and flying away.

Kristen Fuller, who has a blog at, has been a great friend, enthusiastic peer, and fellow soldier in the Community trenches with me for quite a few years now. We already collaborate on an internet-based podcast called The Netophiles, but we’ve always wanted to talk about a topic using the written word, and what better topic than one that we love – Community Management?

Starting today, what you’re going to see are articles posted on both our blogs about some of the ways in which Community teams work to make players’ experiences better. The idea is to give people a bit of insight into how they operate, in the hopes that when you go on your favorite forums and sites and you wonder about how the developers are getting and using your feedback, that you’ll know – and that you might help make it easier for Community folks to do so.

Of course, the one disclaimer we want to attach right away to our writing is that it’s by no means the only way Community teams do things. Not only is Community Management evolving and changing, but every studio is different and many of them have their own unique and interesting ways with which they work with their Communities. In this respect, what we write isn’t set in stone – but we do hope that through reading about Community management, you’ll have a general idea, and, we hope, some appreciation for what Community teams do – because they’re among some of the most passionate bunch of people in the industry about the games they represent and, obviously, the players they are always listening to.

Here’s two of the posts we’ve collaborated on:

We hope you get something out of the articles, and look forward to writing them for everyone’s benefit!


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