Finally, the time to come up for a little fresh blog air!

Some of you (and by some, I mean both of you) may have noticed the distinct lack of positive geek sunshine in your rss feeds lately. Yes, It’s been quite some time, but for those of you who don’t know or don’t follow me on Twitter, you’ll see there are reasons for that. Thankfully, they are good reasons. In the interest of full disclosure, as bloggers like me are wont to do, my small reading audience deserves to know about them.

Optimists like me are inevitably a little bit gluttonous for punishment. We get into things, try to make people happy, and generally take up positions that require a bit of sacrifice “for the greater good” of something. The greater good can be any number of things – happy patients, satisfied customers, chocolate, and so on and so forth. The point is, idealists pick their poison to work with, more often than not.

My work has been in community. Whether it’s been online, offline, in small groups or in large ones, I’ve always worked to help with and build community things. These communities have also invariably involved geeks. Why? Probably because of some sense of group acceptance for one. I think it’s safe to say that even though geek has become synonymous with “cool” or even “le chic” in the last few years, that many geek-folk struggle to find some acceptance in social groups for their quirks and passions. Said passions range from hours upon hours creating costumes of anime characters, debating and discussing the latest tech, and liking sorcerers and sci-fi better than bar tabs and dancing.

How intriguing, then, that through a bunch of fortunate circumstances, work, and some wonderful people, that I’d be getting a chance to combine the two, right? And that chance, folks, was the offer  to join the Bioware community team for Star Wars: The Old Republic. That’s basically where I’ve been, working in a good community with good people, doing (what else) good things. It’s been quite the experience so far.

Some of you may be wondering how that changes what gets posted here. While there are the usual common-sense ideas of being a professional, especially for a company and a project such as the one I’m helping with, not much will change. Regular posting, actually, will start again, as of this post, and you’ll be seeing much the same positive hilarity from before. Heck, I might even be happier to show you bright and shiny, just because I’ve been so hard at work I’ve been lax in updating here.

In short, it’s been a while, I’ve been busy, but I’m back. I hope you like your blog posts sunny-side up.