Geekery Food Goodness

You know, I’m starting to think with the last two posts about foodstuffs, that maybe I’m either A)a little too hungry lately or B)coincidentally just finding out about too much crazy food lately. Oh well – at least it’s good for some short-term entertainment, right?

Today’s missive is inspired by the revelation that someone actually put together an AT-AT made of bacon, from Star Wars fame. Three feet tall, with pounds and pounds of bacon over a foam shell, this monstrosity is the latest in a line of geekery worship via food. I went looking around, for example, and found at least two books that had supposedly Star Wars-related recipes, and a cursory search found more dedicated to recipes of a geeky nature.

Even though it might feed into some crazy geek stereotype about how we’re all fatty couch potatoes, food has always been an occasional, secondary way for geeks to show their appreciation for a particular series or movie. From drinks that simulate what is ironically simulated exotic alcohol on a sci-fi show, to food that’s made specifically to pay homage, geek food has always been one crazy idea away from being made into a reality. And if you think the marketing departments for these shows haven’t taken notice, well – there’s always the empirical evidence of a few officially sanctioned items for discerning geeks and fans.

To be sure, geekery-themed food should be a delicacy occasionally indulged in – I mean, one can only take so much Cylon-printed toast and bacon AT-AT’s before it gets a little tired (not to mention a bit unhealthy, depending). But they’re a great novelty for themed parties, celebrating premieres and finales, and for just plain sharing with friends. Bacon AT-AT, you’ve not only provided some measure of entertainment, but given me a few new Twitter followers and a bunch of laughs. As long as I get those, how can you see it as anything but a good thing?

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