Case of the Mondays Cure – Star Wars, the Summary (Remastered Edition)

We near the end of the month of January, and going to work or school might seem like it’s the total dumps. When you’re freezing your ass off, finding out there’s no parking, and figuring out how to make it through the day without becoming a total zombie, it’s hard to think of things that are fun and entertaining.

Not to worry, folks, because College Humor decides to soothe your Monday blahs with a little original vid paying homage to Star Wars, an IP guaranteed to bring you into the theaters and make you smile. Still, with all the re-re-re-edited and re-re-re-re-…er, redone stuff, you might seem lost about what has changed. Don’t worry though – the below video will be your beacon of light in your darkened re-edited Star Wars ignorance. Have a good one, folks!

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