Drunk Ewoks Are Happy Ewoks

So this is a bit old since Halloween is past, but there’s nothing like live TV, a national audience, and the fact that you probably haven’t gotten work in years to make you a little ecstatic.

Oh – that, and the liquid courage probably doesn’t hurt either.

Check this video from the Today show on Halloween. It was a very geeky Star Wars theme, but I’m betting Al Roker is regretting playing Han Solo and attracting the wrong kind of love and attention…

3 thoughts on “Drunk Ewoks Are Happy Ewoks”

  1. Chris (Game by Night says:

    Hahaha… that was awesome. I watched that in a cramped computer lab on campus and had trouble not bursting out laughing.

  2. Slurms says:

    That was awkward as hell. The woman dressed as Vader (never can remember her name) was getting PISSED towards the end.

    I really feel bad for the guest they had, no one was paying attention to her anymore. =/

    1. Frank says:

      "I find your lack of sobriety disturbing."

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