The Positively Fabulous Aion Community

One of the best parts of any MMO community is the priceless gems that you see over chat and in the game every single day. Ah, the wonderful things you see as a result of online anonymity. Here’s just some of the greatness I’ve been exposed to in Aion while playing on Azphel and Triniel:

Sage advice from a generic player:


You have to love someone who has their priorities straight:


Such imagination in guild names these days:


I like an educated community – don’t you?


Apparently I’m missing out on enjoying the game to its full potential:


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10 thoughts on “The Positively Fabulous Aion Community”

  1. River says:

    Funny you should post this. I was just reading a post from my guildies about how juvenile chat is in Aion.

  2. Rer says:

    Oh c'mon now. Sure… the game is full of ex-WoW heads, e-peen jerkoffs, and your generic drunken college player, but its not all bad! At least the blogging and podcasting community is great. <3

    1. Frank says:

      That's why I said gems. You don't find gems just lying around on the street. It's when you find them that they provide an endless supply of attention and interest.

      1. Rer says:

        … Touche >.>b

  3. Snafzg says:

    Heh, I even see these kinds of chats on the RP server (Lumiel).

    1. Frank says:

      I'd love to know if they are doing any kind of enforcement at all on those servers or not. It sure seems like it's a daunting challenge.

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    1. Rer says:

      Can only wordpress people do this? Q_Q I wanna do this! :O

      1. Frank says:

        WordPress just makes it easier – it sends automatic pingbacks. IIRC, blogspot might be able to do the same when posting, but you have to put in the specific URL you are pinging.

        1. Rer says:

          Meh, blogspot fails I guess. =

          Nonetheless, I too have taken out my soap box to champion the non-douche cause!

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