Forum Friday – Politico Palin, Flaming Education, and Shoe-Tying

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Ah yes, another Forum Friday, which means more wonderful diamonds from the Internet to unearth and discover.

Let’s start with something that always guarantees meaningful and intelligent discussion – politics:

If I could replicate the process that brought me to this place, I would. Otherwise, I’d just ask my lesbian sister to take a tour of the White House and find a way to touch Madame President. Logically, the touch of the openly homosexual should be anathema to Mrs. Palin, and she would have to go on a 6-month moose-shooting-from-helicopters retreat to restore her femininity. In her absence, my shadowy cabal will supplant her shadowy cabal.

Then? Then we give shadowy cabals to underprivileged urban schoolchildren! Cabals for all, that’s my platform!

Wow. Someone really doesn’t want Sarah Palin to be president even in the hypothetical sense.  C’mon guys – just because assassination works for ninjas like Ryu Hayabusa or grizzled vets like Solid Snake doesn’t mean it would work for you. Besides, shadowy cabals certainly have better things to do…like be shadowy and all that.

Hey fuck off and find your own crusade, homeboy. Or at least if you are gonna be Banj’s Playtime Bumchum(TM) then up the game. e.g. Don’t go from “arsehole” to “a bit pretentious”, that totally undermines our friendship hierarchy. You have to elevate the previous comment. You should have called him “cunt” or “AIDS patient”.

The Art Of Flaming, by Sun I Pwned-Tzu.

Nobody here is MLG, half of these boarders are 10 year olds and the ones that are actually 13+ can`t spell or tie their shoes.

Personally, I’d like to know where the above poster classifies themselves then. It’s like one of those philosophical debates or moral dilemmas, or better yet, a game of “Would you Rather…”. I mean, would you rather be entering the 4th grade where they stuff you into lockers for playing games 10 hours a day, or be unable to somehow tie a simple knot? The complexity of it all!

And that’s all for the Internet this week. Have fun posting!

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